We got a whole new look (and name)! 

The Re-Stylist is now Bryn Taylor Personal Style Management. 

Please visit us at our new home, bryntaylorstyle.com or email us at info@bryntaylorstyle.com.

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“Working with Bryn is wonderful because she’s totally diplomatic, and yet tells you, when something doesn’t look right. She finds amazingly creative ways to put clothes and accessories together to actually make you look great.”
- Linda, doctor, Upper West Side, NY

“Bryn is a true professional. She’s insightful, and honest- which is so refreshing!”
- Kristen, administrative assistant, Hoboken, NJ

“My closet and wardrobe went from flab to fab after working with Bryn. She helped me shop for what I was really missing and showed me how to put it all together so I look fantastic all the time!”
- Erin, photographer, Brooklyn, NY